Launch Area

On this section you can find two maps, the first is the Launch Area and the second where the Presentation Place of the Competition is (Briefing & Debriefing).

See Launch Area in a bigger map

On this section also all the relevant features about the launch area are provided. One month prior to the Competition, “how-to-get” information will be uploaded hereunder.

Overview of Competition Airfield

Overview of Competition Airfield

Airfield soil condition

Airfield soil condition

Airfield Information

    Altitude: 1.024 m (AMSL)
    Runway Longitude: 1.850 m
    Runway surface: soil
    Weather information: You can find it on the lateral right part of this webpage

If you have any additional question regarding the airfield conditions, just drop a comment and the organization team will answer you as soon as possible!

cluding the 2nd International CanSat Competition

    Place for Briefing & Debriefing:

    To Be Determined