LEEM, with the sponsorship of UPM (Technical University of Madrid) will organize the Third International CanSat Competition from 26th till 28th July 2012 in Madrid. Teams from all over the world and professionals are invited to join this event. It will be a great opportunity to meet a lot of students or professionals and share and exchange your knowledge and ideas! And, why not? Spend three great days in Spain’s capital!

A CanSat is a “scale satellite” accommodated within the volume and shape of a regular soft drink can. It can be launched by an amateur rocket to an altitude of 1000-1100 m or by a balloon to an altitude of 150m. All subsystems must fit (power, telemetry & command, recovery, payload) and it must accomplish a full mission.

This “scale” project undergoes all the same phases as a real satellite mission, including the launch campaign and data analysis which provides a has a great educational value for all engineering or science enthusiastic students at a very low cost. The competitions are in two categories: the standard CanSats (350gr) and the Open Class (over 1 kg), which often includes a mini-rover.

You will find all the information about the competition on this website.

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